Crazy, but in a good way.
This shit on Wikipedia:

«Hi Adrian!

About your post-deletion comments at Commons:Deletion requests/Image:Pompidou centre paris arp,jpg.jpg:

Utterly ludicrous ruling (I took the picture). But sadly there is nothing I can do about it.

I certainly do not doubt, and nor did anyone else, that you took this photo. Unfortunately, there are laws in place in many countries which say that taking a photograph of original architecture creates a derivative work of that copyrighted architecture, and so any photo of it would be a copyright violation. France is among many countries with such (in my view, very absurd) rules, and we're bound to respect the laws of the country in which the photo is taken.»

Long story short: a photographer took a pic of a freaking public building in France. And it is illegal, since the building is (c) by the architects and they are still alive and the photo is thus a derivative work.
I guess Fair Use stopped mattering?

The building of the European Parliament is subject to a similar ban.

Effectively, people are banned from having strong positive associations with their supernational symbols.

Think idyllic Russia (i.e. the Soviet Union). People from all the regions coming to Moscow and taking pics of the Kremlin. "I have been to Moscow! Isn't that awesome?" That was fucking important that people could think they were able to make a pilgrimage to Moscow for photos, souvenirs, awesomeness and wonder, even though not many actually could afford such a trip because of various concerns.

The EU can burn in a fire for all I care. Even if it would mean insane exchange rates for the USD.

I want for it to go on record: I fucking hate the EU.

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