Crazy, but in a good way.
На картинке дядька кастерского вида в черном с кошкой, чисто BBEG.
Это, конечно, западный визуальный ключ, но японцам не выколотить из нас западность. Где деньги, там и культурный центр.

Фантазийные медиа в 20 веке делались для гиков, то есть для детей и подростков*. Блюстители морали и нравственности требовали двух вещей: (1) тупости и беззубости "добра" и (2) дефолтной утопии. Мир идеален, но есть вот эта сволочь, которая... и только нашим героям под силу ее остановить. Fuck that noise. Heroes as protectors of the status quo is a stupid and offensive concept, because the real world situations are often stupid and offensive. The real world gets better day by day, and thusly in real life whoever roots for the status quo is Evil (tm). Conservatives are evil, because when people say "conservative" they actually mean "retrograde".

The current situation in media - the villain as the agent, made all that is win and awesome, and the "hero" as the retarded nerd armed with good hopes and unicorn farts - sucks donkey balls. As natural reaction to it arose the so-called anti-hero: a reflavored model bedecked in the trappings of win and awesome (black gothikness) with the same old unicorn farts underneath.

Fun fact: "anti-hero" used to mean "the common man, without any explicit brand-name epic heroic qualities". Obviously, it is no longer the case. As with "civil marriage", I don't think it is possible to reclaim the term.

As someone who lives on the goodwill of other people (hi there, "other people", are you still reading?) , I find the the de-heroization of Good really sad and offensive.

So, kid all-age media manifesto:
(1) the world is not utopian.
(2) good is always active and progressive, evil is actively harmful or maliciously passive.
(3) good wins.

Topic 2.

Getting rid of visual cues seems to be a fortunate consequence. It would be one indeed if it happened. The primary/secondary colors distinction got replaced by the more media-profitable cult of prettiness. That's fucked up.

See, I played Fable I, and a friend complained of the supposed discriminative retardedness in the game when wearing black leather makes you more evil.
Consider this: if black leather is culturally associated with fear and oppression and your character, knowing this, dresses up in black leather because it looks cool, all signs point to "evil". After all, you wouldn't wear the fucking swastika for decorative purposes while in a Western country.
Clothes is something you can choose. Face and physique often aren't.

Fuck prettiness. Hooray for beauty.

*Фантазийные медиа в 21 веке делаются для всех возрастов, но точно так же, как в 20-м делали для детей и подростков. Our ancestors would be having seizures from all the disappointment; their moustaches curling with rage, barely able to stab a horse through the tears in their eyes.

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