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Катеринн Валенте

Crazy, but in a good way.
Халява! Лучшая бесплатная книга десятилетия:
The Girl who circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of her own making

а еще:
A Novel in Pieces - роман про Снежную Королеву. Сериализованный = гениально. //Ник автора в LJ - yuki-onna.

Все остальное

Кстати: апрель 2011 - роман "Deathless" про Ленинград и Марью Моревну.

Буду ждать.

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Crazy, but in a good way.

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Erra Pater

Crazy, but in a good way.
The Erra Pater is a compilation of beliefs of the Order, taught during some of its sermons. A rundown of it is as follows:

* Bats are the evil messengers of darkness.
* The cat and hare are often familiars of warlocks and witches.
* If a cat or hare crosses your path, you must end your journey quickly, or risk an encounter with a demon.
* If you see a snake unkilled, fear mischief.
* If you spill salt on yourself, while dining, you must pour red wine upon your lap, to ward off evil spirits.
* It is possible to predict the weather, by listening to whether the morning crow crieth even or odd times. Even entails fair weather, odd is a sign of storms ahead
* If you hear a raven croak from your neighbours roof, it is now time to write your will.
* If you dream of a green garden or the salutations from a dead friend, death is on his way to you.
* It is possible to ward off evil with balls of hollowed wax.
* Witches draw omens from the whining of hedgehogs.
* Any animal which carries a defect, be a missing tail or shortened leg, is a witch.
* To see an owl is an omen of death.
* Rats can be killed with rhymes.
* Hair from a horse, which falls into a stream, turns into eels.
* Ghosts fear a healthy rooster, for the cry of a rooster will scare them away.
* If you have an itch, you can be certain that something will happen very soon.
* Men on their death bed will utter prophecies.
* All candles burn blue at midnight.
* Stumbling at the threshold of a doorway warns you of danger within.
* Empty eggshells must be broken, preventing witches from using them as boats.
* Fresh milk, suddenly sour, means there is a witch nearby.
* Sickness among many children is often the result of witchcraft.
* A comet predicts the death of a King or Queen.
* An eclipse is a sign of great evil.

So basically it's longer than longcat, awesome and not available anywhere but in-game. Which is a shame, really, since it'd lure in a lot of prospective new players otherwise.

Sauce: The Inquisition

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